5 reasons to have a First Look on your wedding day

Photo by Southern Exposure Photography


It was once taboo to see each other before the walk down the aisle, but local photographer Tony Kirves said more couples are choosing to do a First Look photo session before the wedding rather than after the ceremony. Here are a few reasons why breaking this tradition might also work for you.
1. There’s more time for photos.
2. Your makeup is still fresh.
3. No need to keep guests waiting at the reception.
4. More time to celebrate.
5. It’s a special moment between just the two of you.

“A nice way to look at a wedding day is three events: the first being a photo shoot, the second your wedding and the third being your reception/the party. I realize some
people are traditional and don’t want to see each other beforehand, but it really takes a lot of stress off of them and they can go straight to the reception after the wedding versus having their guests waiting. Most brides today take that time to have a special First Look moment. We make that First Look really special where it’s just the two of them and they get to take some time together.”

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