5 tips for choosing the dress of your dreams

1. Try on every different style. Cherie Hyams, owner of Special Occasions Plus Bridal, said most brides come in and are totally against one certain style, but when they try on every other style and nothing really wows them, they finally give their least favorite a try and they absolutely love it! Remember: you never know how styles are going to look on YOUR body.
2. Do a sit-down test. You have to sit down with the dress on to see if it’s comfortable. Can you breathe? Can you eat dinner comfortably? Does the dress feel like it’s going to rip when you sit down? A rip in your dress is the last thing you want on your big day.
3. “Raise the roof” with the dress on. You will be dancing and throwing the bouquet over your head. Some styles (off-the-shoulder, for example) don’t let you lift your arms like you need to in order to put your hands on your partner’s shoulders to dance or to throw the bouquet, so make sure you can lift your arms. Even strapless dresses can get tricky when your arms are raised.
4. Think about where the wedding and reception will be. Is your style of dress fit for the venue? Is it appropriate for the location.
5. Think about the date of your wedding. The time of year and possible weather/temperature could make a difference. You don’t need the same type of dress for a formal indoor winter wedding as you would for a summer beach wedding. Knowing the venue, time of year and possible weather for the week/month of your wedding will help you select a proper dress.

Cherie Hyams is owner of Special Occasions Plus Bridal in Hopkinsville.

By Lindsay Garnett

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