Chef’s order: Choose a cuisine that complements your love

Deciding what food to serve at your wedding events can be the highlight or low point of planning, depending on whose palate you’re trying to please.
Chef Teeka, owner of Southern Belle Catering, suggests staying true to yourself before you decide whether to serve chicken, pork, popcorn or pizza.
“Have whatever you like,” she said, “so at the end of the day, you please yourself. You don't want to have items you don't like trying to please your guests.”
From there, the possibilities are endless. Check out a few of Chef Teeka’s go-to reception spreads, and pick and choose what tickles your taste buds.

Going rustic or elegant?
Chicken and pork can be dressed up or dressed down,
depending on your style. Both can be shredded for sliders, or grilled or roasted for a more elegant feel. Pork tenderloin can be sliced and dressed in a savory sauce to make a fancy plate.
Chef’s Teeka’s pick: Honey pecan chicken
“For more exquisite weddings, I find that they like my honey pecan chicken. It's always popular, you just can't get away from chicken.”

Backyard barbecue
Pulled pork
Green beans
Mashed potatoes
“It's like a little family reunion.”

Sunday brunch wedding/bridal shower
An assortment of casseroles
Country ham biscuits
Chef’s pick: Bacon, Gruyere and spinach in a breakfast casserole
“Sunday brunches are a new thing. I've even had a Saturday brunch type wedding, and it went over so well.”

Taco takeover
Taco bar with at least three different meats
“The bride and groom loved tacos, so they did a huge taco bar. They had all the fixins!”

Late-night app bar
Meatballs and other one-bite appetizers
Build-your-own sandwich bar with a variety of deli meats and
“Usually you have your cocktail hour before the wedding, but I’ve had some to do a late-night app bar, so at 9 that night, they decided to have finger foods for their guests.
Chef’s pick: Fried Mac-n-Cheese Minis

Fall/winter soiree
Soup bar
Baguette sandwiches
“During fall and winter, a lot of people do a soup bar with different side items.”
Chef’s pick: Chef Teeka’s Kentucky Hot Brown


By Zirconia Alleyne

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