Quiz: Are you a traditional or trendy bride?

“What is your dream wedding?”

Alaina Berry, owner of Hooray Events, says that question alone is a great starting point to help soon-to-be brides decide if they are traditional, trendy or a little of both.
“I think it’s really important to kind of figure out what’s the most they would want for their big day, and then kind of snowball off of that,” she said.
Berry then asks her clients about their wedding dress, which she said is usually a hint to what type of wedding the bride would like to have. Often times, if the bride has a ball gown or an A-line mixed with a high neck or square neckline and a round or cascading bouquet, that’s your more traditional bride, she noted.
“Trendier brides are more your mermaid, sheath or empire gown with a pageant bouquet, nosegay or pomander ball,” she said, noting the neckline might be asymmetrical or off-the-shoulder. “
Berry also said that traditional brides usually wear a veil, which is removed by their escort once they reach the alter.
“Modern brides either aren’t doing a veil, or do a bird cage,” she said.
Looking back, Berry imagines she would have worn a bird cage if she had a traditional wedding in town.
“We went off to Hawaii (in 2011), just the two of us, to get married, which actually makes it strange that I like to plan other people’s weddings now,” she said, laughing.
Berry, 25, said deciding if you’re trendy or traditional isn’t black and white, and most brides are choosing a little bit of this and that to make their day special.
For more help deciding if you’re a traditional or trendy bride, check out the questions below.

What is your home décor?

A. Modern art pieces I found at Target or Ikea
B. Special mementos I took from my parents’ house
C. A few keepsakes from my beau and furniture I had delivered

What type of music touches you?

A. An organ and a harp make my heart sing
B. I love to see live shows of my favorite artists
C. Spotify knows all the songs I want to hear

How do you picture your hair on the big day?

A. In an updo that’s tight and tamed
B. Loose curls with a nice hair pin
C. Natural and romantic for blowing in the wind

What font is on your invites?

A. Calligraphy or whimsical writing, reading “you are cordially invited; the pleasure of your company is requested or dining and dancing will follow”
B. Handwritten-style text, reading “We’re getting hitched, save the date, celebration under the stars.”
C. Crisp, easy-to-read font that says “Celebrate our love with us.”

How will your guest registry look?

A. A nice book with signatures from everyone who was there
B. An autographed frame or book with well wishes
C. A photo booth for guests to share with a unique hashtag

What’s in a cake?

A. Vanilla icing that’s white, champagne or a blush color with three layers and the mock bride and groom on the top
B. Cheescake, donuts or whatever sweets we love set up in a nice arrangement
C. Tiers of cupcakes with Mr. and Mrs. cake toppers

Favorite colors?

A. Neutrals. Silver, golds, greys and black
B. Brights. Pinks, reds, greens and the rainbow
C. Mix and match. Neutrals with an accent color to make it pop

What time will your wedding be?

A. Between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m.
B. 5:30 p.m. or later

When do you want to see each other?

A. A First Look is a must. How else are we going to get all the
shots we want for the wedding video?
B. No, I can’t wait to see his/her true reaction coming down the aisle.


Mostly As = traditional.

Mostly Bs = trendy.

Mostly Cs = tap dancing in the middle of modern and matronly.


Alaina Berry is event planner and owner of Hooray Events in  Hopkinsville.

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