Sweet substitutes to traditional cake

The huge, traditional wedding cake might not be your style. Maybe you want a small and elegant wedding cake to cut but want to offer a unique and convenient dessert for your guests. In case you’re in a tizzy about what sweets to serve, here are some sweet treats to consider:

  • pies
  • donuts
  • cheesecake
  • ice cream sundae bar
  • assorted candy with bags
  • cupcakes
  • scones and coffee bar
  • cinnamon rolls
  • macaroons
  • cake pops
  • pancakes
  • fruit and fondue
  • assorted chocolates
  • S’mores barThe options are endless, but it all boils down to what treat you and your future spouse enjoy together and want to share with your special guests.

By Janae Johnson


The sweet spot

Chef Teeka said this aspect of weddings is growing every year. Here are a few ideas she’s brought to life.

A Smore’s bar
“The smores bars have been huge for fall and winter weddings.”

A popcorn bar
Topping options: caramel, chocolate, seasoning salt, etc.
“I've done popcorn bars for desserts, because sometimes people don't want a lot of sweets.”

A spread of pies
“I had a client that wanted a full spread for dessert. She wanted every Southern pie you could think of — shooters of banana pudding, chess pie, pecan pie. It's really fun and creative to bring that to your wedding, especially for those guests who don't get to explore different desserts often.”

“A lot of people like to do the cupcakes because there’s not so much cake leftover at the end. I see a lot of people getting one to two tiers of cupcakes, and I personally don't blame them.”

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